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Moods, Emotions,
and Aging:

Hormones and the
Mind-Body Connection

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"Interface of Hormone Biochemistry and Evolutionary Biology: Keeping Visible as We Age"

Phyllis Bronson, Ph.D., President,Biochemical Consulting and The Biochemical Research Foundation, Aspen, CO


American Chemical Society

Abstract: This talk will provide the current revelations from my ongoing work: looking at how to use bioidentical molecules in optimal dosing to create a sense of great well- being- but not so high to create faux menstrual cycles and a false sense of anti-aging. We use hormones as the way to build the container for womens emotions as we age, and our goal is to bring the science alive where women live: in our emotional relational worlds. The current work is looking at the correlation of my work along with my colleague, Jeffrey Bowles, regarding rising sex steroids: FSH, LH, occurring as the key gender hormones decline. Progesterone and Testosterone are protective molecules- my talk elucidates why- estrogen is not that- but is very important for female cognition and alleviating flat depression and bringing together a sense of the goddess in the female. I will show why we work exclusively with transdermal creams and how, once we have women under a safe umbrella- meaning we know her essential chemistry, through blood tests and symptoms. Dr. Bronson will focus on female hormones and womens mood biochemistry and her current molecular work articulating the thermodynamics and kinetics involved in hormone stability.

Phyllis J. Bronson, Ph.D.
Biochemical Consulting Company
Biochemical Research Foundation, Aspen
International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine
American Chemical Society International
College of Integrative Medicine Phyllisbronsonphd.com